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Monday, August 22, 2011

Český Krumlov

If you ´ve missed out on visiting the UNESCO listed Český Krumlov, it´s never too late. High upon a rocky promontory above the meandering Vltava stands the second largest Czech castle and  chateau complex. Inside await Schwarzenberg interiors. Incredibly wonderful.
It wasn´t easy for me. I have Vocal Cord Paralysis. Few weeks ago it was bilateral vocal cord paralysis. Symptoms of bilateral vocal cord paralysis include:
    * dyspnea (difficulty breathing)
    * stridor (a high pitched sound when breathing in)
    * difficulty swallowing – may choke or cough while eating
In bilateral vocal cord paralysis, both vocal cords are unable to open and close appropriately and therefore do not open when breathing in and close when swallowing. Because the airway is partially blocked when inhaling, stridor can occur due to the turbulent airflow through the vocal cords. Choking and coughing may occur while eating because the airway is unprotected while swallowing and some food or liquid may pass through the vocal cords into the airway. This is also known as aspiration and can cause pneumonia to occur.
Now right sight is alive, so it is „only“ unilateral vocal cord paralysis.
Symptoms of unilateral vocal cord paralysis include:
    * hoarseness
    * breathy voice (others hear sounds of breathing while you are talking)
    * change in vocal quality – loss of loudness or pitch
I have speech therapy  treatment . And best of all is a tracheotomy won´t need to be performed.
It is still difficult to walk up stairs, lift heavy objects, "hold" a breath, choking when drinking liquids,...
Finally I am able to live „normal“ life, I was on holiday. I am so happy. And there are a few photos:



  1. So sorry to hear of your vocal diffuculties. Hope all gets well soon!!
    Such absolutely beautiful photos.... Like being there!!
    Have a great Day!!

  2. Beautiful Photos... I hope you'll get better soon!

  3. Thank you very much Marilyn and Jasna. Don´t worry. I am relatively OK. Much more better than I was few weeks ago. Whole May and July I was fighting for every breath. The air passage to the trachea was extremelly blocked I had only 2,5 mm for breathing, then 4 mm. And then right side of my neck became alive, only left side is problem. I am OK. I have a small child so I live normally life. Just I can´t walk out when outside is hot - it is difficult for breathing. That is all. Hugs and kisses.

  4. Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing.