Eliska: How to Make Large Folded Ribbon Roses

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Make Large Folded Ribbon Roses

1. Use a large ribbon rose. Depending on how large you want your rose, you can use either the whole spool of ribbon or just a portion of it. You can use what ever width and length you like to make your roses.
2. Cut ribbon in half.
3. Fold down one end of the ribbon toward you to make a right angle, leaving a tail.
4. Fold the ribbon away from you at a 45-degree angle, making a firm centre for the rose. Stitch to hold in matching thread. Roll the outer corner of the fold toward the long end of the ribbon. Roll it tightly. This creates the center bud of the rose. I also used needle and thread to secure ribbon. Leave the needle and thread attached to the ribbon.

old the ribbon diagonally to the back. Wrap the fold around the rose centre, each one of the folds becomes a petal. Continue rolling and stitching until in this way until you have the desired size rose.


  1. Another way:

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