Eliska: Lokshe (Lokše) = Low Fat Flour Tortillas

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lokshe (Lokše) = Low Fat Flour Tortillas

Lokshe are thin low fat flour Slovak tortilas made out of potato dough that are baked on a hot plate or an ungreased frying pan. It is something like low fat homemade tortillas. I liked it very much. I made it last Sunday.

Recipe adapted from Ľuboš and his website:
Ingredients: 6 potatoes /old potatoes are essential. The dough from new ones is very sticky and gluggy and hard to work/, cup of flour, pinch of salt,butter
You can see how Ľuboš´s Granny prepared a batch. Follow the following easy steps to prepare this delicious and cheap Slovak treat at home.
1. Start by boiling unpeeled potatoes. Don’t boil them all the way, just long enough so that you can stick a fork in part of the way. Remove the skin, and grate them. 
2. Then add about a cup of flour and a dash of salt. Work into dough. 
3. Transfer onto a floured board, and roll into a tube some 2-3 inches in diameter. Cut out individual slices about an inch thick. 
4. Then take each piece and transfer onto a floured section of the board. Sprinkle more flour on top. Pat it down a bit with your fingers and roll out with a short back-and-forth motion until you have a pancake some 1 or 2 millimeters thick.
5. Then bake on an ungreased frying pan, hot plate. Bake each side for few minutes, until they look done – they’ll get dark spots. Grease one side with butter.

We ate it with goose fat, red stewed cabbage and grilled goose or just plain. They are perfect for wrapping around like tortillas. I like it most of all with melted butter, salt and grated garlic.

I never store them, because they dissappear immediately.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what, in my opinion, is the best.


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