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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adorable Pink Poodle

By: Nancy Anderson for Red Heart Yarn 

Incredible how fast the days have swept by. But now I am really glad, becouse I have been waiting for surgery. My thyroid is asymmetrically enlarged, inhomogeneous. There are two hypoechoic nodes 3 and 4 mm in the upper and one hypoechoic node 9 mm in the lower segment of the right lobe. Left flap permeated with one huge node. 
So now I have been looking for what to do in hospital. You will fall in love with this free crochet pattern the moment you lay eyes on it. This poodle is fun to have and make a great gift.
I came across this link:


  1. OMGoodness.... This is so adorable!!
    Good luck with the surgery. I too had nodes on my thyroid many yaers ago & everything turned out fine!!

  2. Thank you Marilyn. You helped me a lot. I was really terrified. Have a nice day!
    Hugs and kisses!!!