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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day ladies!

Thinking too of those whose mums are no longer with us, ... I hope you all have a lovely day with your children or friends.
Japanese inspiration for you.

Wagashi (Japanese cuisine) - a traditional Japanese confectionery, served with green tea. They differ from traditional confectionery products that are prepared exclusively from natural ingredients: rice dough, bean test, oilseeds, roots and similar zernoovoschnyh products, as well as seaweed agar-agar. In addition, the composition wagashi include nuts, chestnuts and dried fruits. Some species contain green tea, herbs, natural flower nectar. For the Japanese, as is known, is important not only taste but also the form of any product, including sweets. - here

In early June, when Japan was not yet over the rainy season, the tea is served wagashi translucent colored hydrangea with pale green leaves, symbolizing youth and freshness of nature. 
In the hottest time of тhе year - summer -  they served transparent or translucent wagashi on agar-agar.

The tradition of making proper Japanese sweets, or Wagashi, originates in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. when the Japanese learned to cook pasta with red beans and yam (sweet potato).
I do not like gelatin, but I guess I'll have to reassess my opinions, because it looks really cool.
Happy Mother's Day ladies!


  1. Buona festa della mamma a te!!!

  2. Buona festa della mamma Francy !
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