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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal wedding dresses: a history

Hi friends!
I really like this video. Have you been glued to the TV, watching the Royal wedding? I loved the Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Find out what the dresses say about attitudes to royal marriage, about the the state of the nation - and about the personality of the brides who wore them.


  1. ... The skilled embroiderers of England’s Royal School of Needlework (RSN) contributed their technical embroidery expertise to create the bespoke lace on Miss Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress, veil and shoes and enable Sarah Burton to achieve her artistic vision for the bride
    The lace design and process was influenced by traditional Carrickmacross lace which originated in Ireland in the 1820s. Carrickmacross lace uses an embroidery technique called appliqué – the lace is worked by applying organdie fabric to a delicate net background and edging each motif with fine cord-like thread. Sarah Burton sourced a series of lace motifs to create a unique design, applied by the RSN and arranged to fit each part of the dress perfectly following her creative vision. Each lace motif (some as small as a 5 pence piece) was applied with minute stitches every two to three millimetres.
    One of the hallmarks of the RSN is that our embroiderers can work collectively on a project yet it will look like the work of one person. The team for this project comprised RSN Studio staff, former staff, tutors, graduates and current students from the RSN’s Certificate, Diploma and Foundation Degree programmes. The RSN welcomes students from all over the world and the team for this project included British, Japanese, American, Chinese, Swiss, Dutch, Thai, German and Slovakian students...
    from the Press Release of the Royal School of Needlework, To read more follow the link
    Ladies did a great job.

  2. Thanks for this Erika..I have looked at the video. I am making flowers..think I must be influenced by The Wedding along with millions of others.
    Welcome as a new Follower.

  3. Judy I love your flowers. I am determined to do more flowers too.